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Planning a Move?

Flew the Coop supports the full range of moves from heading to new destinations to assisted living to job transfers.

Moving a parent to assisted living:

I moved my 95-year-old mother to assisted living.  For anyone who will go through this ordeal, be prepared for an overwhelming level of stress to the loved one and the responsible person.  Once we made the decision to make the move, Lois alleviated all of the burden for myself and my mother with her planning and execution. She measured the location and carefully selected the items of furniture that resulted in a lovely and comfortable place for my mother.

She was with us every step of the way from ordering pieces of furniture that needed to replace pieces that were too large; arranging for a very cost-efficient mover; and even made a referral to a business to dispose of unwanted items.  She was there before moving day selecting and marking those items that should be moved.  On moving day, she supervised the packing and removal of items from my mother’s residence; and supervised and assisted unpacking and placing her items in her new assisted living apartment.

What amazed me was her level of compassion and caring for the smallest of my mother’s needs – she visited my mother the day after the move to be sure the staff at the assisted living residence were satisfying my mother’s needs and she continues to provide me with support. 

It is truly remarkable to find a person so dedicated to her craft in this era of overstated promises and unfulfilled expectations.  Needless to say, I highly recommend Lois for any project that she is willing to undertake.  – Nick G.

Moving from a condo to a 55+ community:

I am a widow who had the overwhelming task of selling my home. Flew the Coop was recommended by my real estate agent. After an initial meeting, Flew The Coop quickly went to work doing the following:

  • Prepared a proposal suggesting items the staging manager recommended. The proposal included item number, price and places to purchase.
  • Arranged for pick-up of items to be donated or delivered them personally. Provided pricing based on an IRS computer program. Suggested items for donation that I had overlooked.
  • Packed dishes and other breakables for moving.
  • Coordinated services to be provided by handyman and other vendors. Suggested vendors to use.
  • Followed up and kept current with projects to be completed. Researched information I requested such as concrete repair.

The above is a very broad description of the services Flew the Coop provided, I would recommend Flew the Coop to anyone planning a move.  – Joyce U.

Moving out-of-state and downsizing:

I can’t say enough good things about Flew the Coop. I had 4 months to clear out a large house where I had lived for 31 years. I didn’t know where to begin. Lois helped get me organized, called in (cost-effective) help and services where I needed them and dealt with contractors and whoever else I needed help with, when I was too tired to function. I did get moved and out on time. She’s knowledgeable, kind and incredibly hard-working. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again (and in fact have already asked her to come help me with a much smaller project at my new home.)  – Irene A.

Moving for a job transfer:

I relocated for my job and had to move out of state before selling my home. Flew the Coop provided outstanding property support until the house was sold. They referred me to other quality businesses for minor repairs and lawn care, and they provided me with thoughtful recommendations for staging my home to look its best. While the house was on the market, they made regular visits to tidy the house, check on the appliances, and make sure everything was secure. During one visit, they detected a gas leak and called in the gas company to repair it — I can only imagine what would have happened without Flew the Coop! It ultimately took three months to sell the house while I was halfway across the country, but I always had complete peace of mind knowing that my home was in good hands with Flew the Coop.  – Jeff C.

Moving nearby:

Lois provides excellent information and suggestions in a professional, caring, compassionate manner. She listened to my concerns and made recommendations based on my needs. Every one of the businesses she suggested did an outstanding job and met my expectations. I was most concerned how to clear out furniture I was not going to move, along with lots of junk. I highly recommend Lois and Flew The Coop. Her prices are exceptionally reasonable in comparison to other companies offering the same services. I have already given her name to several others.  – Carole K. 

Moving nearby:

We were anxious to avoid any aggravations in the preparation of the house for sale and Flew the Coop was the perfect choice. Flew the Coop managed and supervised the painting, recarpeting, cleaning the house and garage, checking the house regularly and dealing with our personal issues as they arranged for getting various necessary documents. Flew the Coop shopped for and got a multi-USB port for my computer when I couldn’t get away from the house, took pictures and gave detailed instruction to real estate appraisers baffled by my garage door instructions, and swept up when the cleaners missed something. If a problem arose, Flew the Coop tackled it without putting stress on us. Flew the Coop provided superb support and I highly recommend them.  – Dave B.

Packing belongings for moving + storage:

Lois is amazing! I contacted her to help with sorting and packing an inherited home and prepare for a move. She is a true professional and sent a great team to help. She was always available to speak with me and stayed in communication throughout the process. Her kindness, caring heart and willingness to be of support made all the difference in the world. I would highly recommend Flew The Coop for anyone preparing for a move and looking for a trusted company to work with. Thank you Lois for being a blessing!  – Mel T.

Emptying a home following a relocation:

We contacted Lois to help get rid of everything in my mother’s house after she moved into assisted living and get it ready to sell. It was VERY full with 45 years worth of memories. Think of a hoarder’s episode only very organized ! She worked with us every step of the way !!! She helped pack things, inventory them and take them to charities and auction houses. She coordinated with an online auction company which was the BEST !!! She staged things, assisted in the photo shoot of ALL the items, and worked the pickup day for the auction winners. Her guidance, assistance, coordination, professionalism, sense of humor, wittiness, and “can do” attitude is amazing and she is a delight to work with. And even more recently, this past week, my mother passed away, and I have 2 weeks to get her assisted living apartment cleaned out. Lois provided helpful POC information for a person she works with to assist us with removal. I would highly recommend her and know you will not be disappointed.  – Julie P.

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