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Specializing in Senior Moves

We treat every client with care and compassion. Our clients include:

Busy professionals parents playing with kids in move boxes

Busy professionals/parents of  young children preparing for a move

Senior Moves a senior couple envisioning how their room will look

Seniors and empty nesters transitioning to a smaller home or retirement community

Out of state moves two women talking on a couch about planning a move

Local or out-of-state family members who need assistance moving an elderly parent or relative

What Clients Say

We Assist with Every Aspect of Move Planning, Execution and Coordination

Not sure how to begin downsizing?

Whether you’ve been in your home for 10 years or 40 years, we’ll work with you to find the right solution to donate, sell, keep, move or store your belongings.

Need a realtor?

We’ll recommend a realtor with expertise in your area who understands the challenges of a senior move.

Need a mover?

We’ll recommended trusted movers for your local or long-distance move and coordinate the move planning with them.

Need a floorplan?

We’ll ensure that your belongings are a fit for your new residence. We’ll create a safety-conscious plan, with room for a walker or wheelchair, should the need arise.

Need to plan staging?

We’ll help plan how to use your existing furnishings for optimal staging. We can also provide strategic staging items to give a vacant home a well-cared for look.

Need home repairs?

We’ll recommend trusted contractors and ensure that the work is completed to our mutual satisfaction.

Need property vacation support?

We’ll visit your home regularly to ensure the property retains a secure and tidy appearance during your absence.

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I recommend that folks follow Japanese organizer guru Marie Kondo’s “spark joy” for philosophy for their belongings. It may sound corny, but the idea is to physically hold each item and ”feel” an emotional connection. Many items have great memories, but  the ones to keep also generate a feeling of joy. If an item of clothing, kitchenware, etc. hasn’t been used in the last year, let it go.

It’s never too soon to plan ahead for a downsizing move.  Starting the downsizing process well before a move deadline is looming will significantly ease the transition and help homeowners make realistic decisions about how much space they really need when they consider housing options.

Most seniors, even folks who carefully diagram furnishings in their new space layout, overestimate the amount of room and storage the new home will have. My clients frequently call after a move asking for help again for additional downsizing.

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Providing move management support services in Columbia, Howard County and local Maryland areas.

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Moving is challenging no matter what your age. We can assist you with every aspect of move planning, execution and coordination.